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 Saturday 2pm @ ISU- Astros and Yankees! Winner plays Indians @ 5pm Cubs @ Red Sox 8pm, UNDER THE LIGHTS! I will be asking trivia questions. I will have prizes for right answers!

Gentlemen, the keys to BOTH tractors have disappeared! Please return them this weekend and you won't be in trouble! Might have been someone's kid(s). The teams that had the first games were Astros, Cardinals, Reds and Royals. I just ask both keys be return
 Players and Managers, Please remember to work on the fields after each game. It doesnt matter if you are the home team or away team. Also please empty the trash cans from each dugout AFTER each game. Also, it isnt Ed Wiese's job to drag the fields after the last game is over, that is the players job!
 Brand new 50+ Age Division in 2014! Time to get some "more experienced" players back out on the field!
 Congratulations to the Indians and Red Sox. Back to Back titles for both teams in 2 great games!
 If you are a team Manager or want to be included in information updates, please provide a name and email address to Dusty Derigo: Thanks!
 The League Champions for both the 2012 and 2013 Seasons were the 19+ Red Sox and the 38+ Indians. We are in the process of making changes so that the current Champions are being displayed on the Home Page. It will be fixed eventually!
 ALL players!!! PLEASE help us police the park! MANY random softball, college students, and kids have been ASKED to NOT use our fields! Drive by as often as possible and run off ANYONE who does not play in our league!

19+ Champions
38+ Champions

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